Sani Cloth Chlor +1000 Wipes

Unique stable and ready to use chlorine wipes for high level disinfection. Sani Cloth Chlor +1000ppm allows you to be compliant with Health Protection Agency recommendations for dealing with the disinfection of spores.

Home Use – This wet wipes clean and kills in the same wipe. It contains a detergent and a very strong bleach solution which kills spores like C. diff (Clostridium Difficile). It is excellent for cleaning commodes and your bathroom to prevent the spread of infection. In order to kill the bugs the surface must remain wet for 1 minute. Dispose of wipes in the bin.

NOTE -This product contains very strong bleach and may damage items if more than one wet wipe at a time is used. If you get it on your clothing it will bleach it. If it gets on your skin you must wash immediately with cold water.

Please wear gloves when using this product.